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Friday, 2 February 2018

Corporate Intranet Reports

Corporate Intranet Reports

Corporate Intranet Application deals with the maintenance of information within the company. The main aim of CORPORATE INTRANET APPLICATION is to automate company information management ,so that the information is safely utilized by the employees of the company itself.
Corporate intranet Application actually means as the Intranet application in corporate.
Corporate Intranet Application promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas and provide a single , secure , reliable access to the company’s private information. CIA can result in higher productivity because of better access to the quality of information CIA  also allow reuse of existing information and can reduce the cost of  information sourcing ,printing and distributing. This product ensures instant and secure information maintenance in companies.
This project is capable of maintaining the following details::
A corporate company recruits employees at regular intervals, so it has the need of maintaining the details of employees. These details are handled  by both employees and HR.
Interaction between the employees and HR is very necessary for the company’s development. So to bring communication between the  employees and HR this module plays a major role by passing messages.
Corporate Intranet Application offers librarian a new application for their information handling skills. CIA made librarians information organizers, value assessors and technology teachers. Present companies are identifying librarians as Knowledge brokers who know where the information is. 
Corporate Intranet Reports deals with reports generation process of the employees ,library reports , attendance reports. This automate report generation helps the HR for easy retrieval of the employees details.
Project work description:
This Project deals with automating the company information management. This project  deals with retrieval of information with in intranet and increases the reusability facility.
We were involved in the different activities of the project like:
Ø  Analyzing and designing the architecture of the system.
Ø  Designing the schema for the entire system.
Ø  Developing the Client and Administrator application module.
Ø  Developing the Report module.
Ø  Preparing the documents for the project including data flow diagrams, output screens, system requirements, etc.
The entire task of developing the system is broken down into different modules. The guide among us successfully did the task of splitting up of the project into major modules.
This system was developed in java by using JSP,HTML as FRONT END including Exception handling with interaction with MS SQL Server as BACK END.
Problem Partitioning:
It is a basic principle for guiding the design process. The goal is to effectively handle the complexity of the designing the large systems by partitioning the problem into separate piece can be solved separately. Problem partitioning depends on the effective use of abstraction. Abstraction of a component is a view of components that extracts the essential information relevant to particular purpose and ignores the rest of information.
Modularity is a means of problem portioning in a software design.Some of the essential fundamental concepts involved in the design of application software are:
ABSTRACTION: It is used to construct solutions to problem without having to take account of the intricate details of the various components subprogram. Abstraction allows system designer to make stepwise refinements by which attach stage of the design unnecessary details associated with representation implementation may be hidden from the surrounding environment.
MODULARITY: It is concerned with decomposing of main module into well-defined, manageable units with well-defined interfaces among the units. This enhances design clarity, which in turn implementation, debugging, testing, documentation maintaining of the software product.Modularity viewed in this sense vital tool in the construction of large software projects.
VERIFICATION: It is a fundamental concept in software design. A design is verification if it can be demonstrated that the design will result in a implementation that satisfied the customers requirements.
Verification is of these namely:
Verification that the software requirements analysis the customer needs.
Verification that the design satisfied the requirements analysis.
Until now Corporate Companies uses the manual type. i.e., the work allocated for employee is done in books. By this the time consumption for that particular company increases. That may loss that company. So, we have done the below proposed system in project.
We have proposed by doing some modules like registration employees, books for library, Intra-officing system. By this the employee Will feel easy. The company also will decrease the time consumption and feel easy to maintain records.
Hardware Requirements
For development:
Ø  P III 500MHZ.
Ø  20GB hard disc.
Ø  256MB system with all standard accessories like monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc…
For usage:
Celeron 333MHz or above, 64MB RAM, Hard disc space to operate, and other standard accessories like monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc…
Dial-up Modem, Network card, or Cable Modem to access the internet/intranet.
Software requirements
For development:
Ø  JDBC Drivers.
Ø  Apache Tomcat 5.0 web server installed.
Ø  JDK 1.4
Ø  MS SQL Server
Ø  Internet explorer 5.0 or above.
Ø  Requires Win NT or WIN 2000 or WIN XP or later version of OS as platform.
For usage:
Any OS-Win 9x/Me/XP/2000
Web browse –IE
Platform Specifications : Communication Protocol: HTTP Protocol

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