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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Computer Assembly Website Php

Computer Assembly Website Php

It is a computer parts assembly website project, where a user may select various computer parts online and it will be delivered to the users address. The computer assembly website project allows users to select from a list of computer parts of various companies and models.
The project works as follows:
  • User gets an option to login to the website.
  • The user needs to create a new account if he/she is not registered
  • The user can then see various links saying Hard disk, motherboard, mouse, speaker etc.
  • Once the user clicks on motherboard link, the motherboard selection page is opened.
  • Here the user may view a list of motherboards of various companies, make and models.
  • User is allowed to select any product needed and add it to his/her shopping cart.
  • The user may then visit any other page(mouse selection, ram selection etc) and shop for those products too.
  • Our website allows user to add these products to their shopping cart as needed.
  • At the end when user finishes shopping a bill is generated containing various products in the users shopping cart.
  • Thus the computer assembly website project allows for a robust computer parts shopping and assembly functionality.

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