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Friday, 9 February 2018

Collective Face Detection Project

Collective Face Detection Project

This collective face detection project is capable of detecting faces by their names and identifying multiple faces in real time. The software system uses face detection algorithms to accurately identify and recognize a faces in real time. We use a pc webcam to record real time video data and the system automatically detects and identifies faces in real time application. The collective face detection application is designed using C# and works as follows:
Application captures video data in real time.
  • The user may bring his face in front of the camera and the system allows the user to get a snapshot of his face and enter his/her name.
  • The system records this data and maintains it in its system.
  • Similarly multiple users may record their data in the system.
  • Now when the next time this system is activated it starts capturing real time video data again.
  • As a previously registered user appears in the video, the system matches his face to previously stored records.
  • The system then recognizes the user and displays the name of the user appearing in the video.

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