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Friday, 2 February 2018

Chat Express

Chat Express

Chatting is now-a-days very useful to express our ideas as well as receive others ideas on any topic.  Chats reflect the recent trends of the society. Sometimes, it is possible to meet eminent people in chatting and have their advice.
ChatExpress is a graphical chatting application that makes chatting a pleasant experience. It has excellent features that make any user do whatever he wants while chatting.
ChatExpress has two types of users:
1. Admin
2. Client
Admin can do the following activities:
1. User Management: He makes some initial startup tasks while starting the chat server.
He can create new users and allow or disconnect the users. Admin can also close the chat session, so that all the users will be disconnected.
2. Administrative Client: Admin can also involve in chatting as a client from his admin console using this option.
3. ShutDown: He can shut down the chat server.
4. Log Charts: He can create log charts which contain information of how chatting has taken place.
Client can perform the following tasks:
1. Connect: He can connect himself to chat server by typing his username and password.
2. Chat : He can participate in chatting by entering into a chat room.
3. View this User Info: He can also his own profile and options.
4. Display activity of user: When chatting is done, whether the other user is sending text or images is also displayed on his console.
5. Room management: He can create his own chat rooms based on a subject and invite others to enter that room. He can also save the chat data separately.
6. Instant messages: It is possible to send instant messages and popups to other users who are in chatting.
7. Canvas management: ChatExpress is a graphical chatting application. It enables the clients to draw shapes and apply colors and save them. Client can also show or hide the canvas depending on his interest.
8. Copy & Paste: He can also perform operations like copying earlier text into chat text. It is also possible to copy pictures and save them in a file.
9. Chat Room control: He can manage the connection settings and control the chat room settings.
10. Play sound when paged.
11. Manual: In case any help needed, the client can go through the in-built manual available.
Existing System:
The existing communication system is not built as a software application. Everybody communicates with others physically or through the mails. To make this complex communication job simple and allows the users to participate in live communication and save unproductive time it is to be built as a software application.
Each and every user or employee of an organization has to register, get into his inbox and check for his mail which doesn’t provide live communication resemblance to the user. This facility does not categorize the users depending on their interests. This type of communication channel fails in providing effective user friendly communication between the users. If this channel grows up to some extent then it will be harder to place some restrictions on the users. As a result, ineffective communication wastes the user time.
Proposed System:
The first step of analysis process involves the identification of need. The success of a system depends largely on how accurately a problem is defined, thoroughly investigated and satisfying the customer needs by providing user friendly environment
This system has been developed in order to overcome the difficulties encountered while using the mailing system for communication between the users. Providing user friendly communication channel, live communication facility, categorizing the users, logging the communication transaction, sending public & private messages, sending instant & offline messages, graphical communication are motivating factors for the development of this system.
User Management module:
This module contains add/delete the user in this application for which we need to give user information as input. It also takes care of connect/disconnecting the users from the application for which you need to select the user and click on necessary action. It helps the administrator to manage the chatroom control panel for inviting/banning or allowing the users. It also allows us to page the users and logging the user chatting transaction.
Chat Room Management module:
 This module also used as the same like user management module. But in our system we treat this entity is different from user entity. It allows the users to create/update/view or joins in the room.
Chatting Module:
In this module we take the details like public or private messages and text you want to send finally send it to the appropriate destinations.
Messages Module:
In this the user can send instant messages to a user, save offline messages for a user, read saved messages.
Canvas Management Module:
it provides a white board drawing facility using which the user can draw free hand, do circles, squares, lines, fonted text, or paste image files to the canvas.
Software constraints 
Operating System          : Windows2000 Server/ XP
Forms & Reports            : JFC Swing & AWT
Other Software’s             : JDK1.4
Hardware Constraints
Pentium Processor                   :         PentiumIV
RAM                               :         256 MB
Hard Disk                       :         20 GB
CD/ROM Drive               :         52X
VDU                                :         VGA
Key Board                      :         101 Standard

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