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Friday, 2 February 2018

Cash Assistance for Infirm and Aged Persons

Cash Assistance for Infirm and Aged Persons

Pensioners are facing problems while applying pension like they need to fill up lot of forms in order to apply, unable to get the status of the pension offered and no further assistance.  Pension matters relating to Central Governments are dealt with, by the respective State Governments. Pension matters for Government of India are separately dealt with for Defense, Railways, Posts, Tele communications and civil employees.
The system “Cash assistance to infirm and aged Persons” that is pension   given by central government to Employees is to survive happily rest of his\her life without any Physical and mental burdens.
This system is to provide facility to the employee to know the status of the pension application that whether the application is with the Head of The Department (HOD), Pay and Accountant Officer (PAO) or with the Central Pay and Accountant Officer (CPAO). After the retirement he/she can know the financial support offered. It has functionality to raise complaints and to follow up status of that. By this system the pensioner can have online help like they can get solutions for the queries either from other pensioners or from higher authority.
All employees registered with this system can see their monthly/yearly statement for pension along with status. It has functionality to raise complaints and to follow up status of that. Individual communication by mail to all.
The eligible central government employees can apply for pension.
Employee can track of their application status
Maintain the pensioner details like PPO number, monthly pensions offered.
The PPO number is sent to pensioner through mail.
Maintain list of banks
Employee can know the financial assistance offered.
Employees have a scope of online help.
Maintain the updation given by government.
Provide service like mailing and for correspondence.
Maintains information about the new schemes
Maintains all the details like email address, personal address, phone number of the pensioner.
Maintains complete history of the pensioner.
Maintain the Bank details of the pensioner.
The internal calculations are transparent to the pensioner.
Maintain the Stages of processing of pension.
Existing System:
Ø  The exiting system for applying pension is being doing manually.
Ø  The employee should apply for pension before several months.
Ø  The employee doesn’t know the status of his application that is the employee should not able to know where the application is.
Ø   If the employee wants to know the status of the financial assistance offered, the employee should contact the disbursing authority.
Ø  After retirement the employee will not receive any help from the concern department.
Limitations in Existing System:
Ø  The employee should compulsory submit the application before six months from the date of retirement.
Ø  After retirement the employee is no more concern with the department.
Ø  If the employee wants any help he should compulsory contact the CPAO.
Proposed System:
Ø  In this proposed system applying the pension is automated.
Ø  Using this system the employee can known his status of the application
Ø  With this system the employee can know his monthly and yearly pension statements.
Ø  BY the help of this system the employee can communication to all by mail.
Problem Definition:
The existing manual system is not feasible to the employees to apply, to know the status and the help. Even the pensioners don’t have any portal to see their pension details.
Advantages over Existing System:
Ø  The proposed system the pensioner can apply for the pension.
Ø  The pensioner can know their payment system.
Ø  The pensioners can get alerts through mobile about their pensions.
Ø  Even the pensioners can get the information about the details of the dearness allowance provided by the govt.
Has full access to all the modules of this system. Responsible for adding the centers. Will create Social Welfare Officers (SWO) and assign pension to particular SWO. Create, Updating, Deleting the information related to the organization. Sending mails to the particular SWO as
All frequently used reports at the click of a button
All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc., or can be faxed or emailed
Has restricted access. i.e., users have access to some of the modules only i.e. user can see the pension amount status. And can also send the mails and raise complaints to the admin.
User Interface:
Soothing Graphical User Interface with Context Sensitive Help
Totally Menu Driven, with Keyboard Shortcuts for frequently used forms.
All reports for specified period selected using calendar.
Software Requirements
Operating System                     :                  Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris
User Interface                          :                  HTML, CSS
Client-side Scripting                 :                  JavaScript
Programming Language            :                  Java
Web Applications                      :                  JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP
IDE/Workbench                        :                  Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in
Database                                  :                  Oracle/Access
Server Deployment                             :                  RetHat JBoss AS
Hardware Requirements
Processor                                  :                  Pentium IV
Hard Disk                                 :                  40GB
RAM                                         :                  256MB

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