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Friday, 2 February 2018

Automated Teller Machine

Automated Teller Machine

MetaCritics Banking Ltd. is a Banking organization in the Eastern Africa, with extended branches in different cities and sub areas of the continent. The bank has a proposal to establish its services at the reach of its customers and also has a proposed to make its Inter Branch and banking operations smoother, and move towards a larger customer base, in turn increasing the profits of the organization.
As a first step towards its goals the bank has proposed a system study for conducting on the standards on the database storage design, through which the internal manual process can be automated through a computerized mechanism, and as the next step has proposed plans to reach nearer to its customer through the establishment of Automated Teller Machines at different parts of the country. As part of this proposal, the First Stage is concentrated on the development of all the Backend process, which is the backbone to develop the overall system.
The system while concentrating on the Backend development at the operational areas specifies the need for developing a testing and simulated application to have the feel and look of the Automated Teller Machine, which can get the test of the application before it can be generated upon the actual platform, saving the cost of the platform, before the huge investment upon the machinery can be applied.
The generated application is considered to the version upon the system, which is proposed to be built with the content and touch of the oracle as the centralize database with oracle 9i as the base. The overall system is planned to be is the format of distributed architecture as the homogeneous database platform. The proposals are planed to keep entire interface to be browser specific.
The major objects of the overall system are to keep the following component intact.
Æ  System Consistency
Æ  System Integrity
Æ  Overall security for the data
Æ  Data Reliability and Accuracy
Æ  User Friendliness both at administrator and User levels
Æ  Considering the fact of generality and clarity
Æ  To check that the system overcome the hurdles of the version specific standards
The Deposits Form:
This form provides the facilities for the deposit facilities that are availed by the customer. It helps in saving the data related to the users deposit transactions. The screen also helps in updating. Deleting and searching any information related to the customers deposits.
Transaction Forms
Fund Transfer:
This screen helps the customer to transfer the fund from his own account in one branch to another account in another branch.
With Drawls:
This screen helps the customers in with drawing the money from the ATM machine with respect to the choice of his requirements.
Other Transactions Screen:
This screen provides the facility of getting the general information regarding the balance checking, and any nominal information related to the Bank and its branch.
Change Password:
The screen provides the facilities to change the password or PIN number related to the customer at his choice. It also manages the history of the old password as per the necessity.
Administration Transaction Screens
This interface provides the facility for the administration and for executing all such transaction that cater to the information standards which are more specific and private to the organizational business process. These forms have scope and security only at the level of the banks Managerial on Administrative staff. The module maintains sub screen standards at the follows level
1.Customers Registration Information Screens
Customer Information screen: It maintains the info-related to the customer’s actual information that is constitutionally necessary for the overall access of any other transaction at the organizational level.
Customer Account Information Screen: It maintains information related to the customer account information related to the branches for which he belongs.
ATM Card Information Screen: This screen takes care of the administrative tasks that prevail at the level of maintenance of ATM Card, and his uniqueness.
2. Bank Details Information Screen
Bank Master Information Screen: This screen takes care of the authenticated and authorized collection of all the bank details that participate in the overall business transaction at the bank level
Bank Branch Information Screen: This screen manages the information related to all the branches that practically exist with respect to a particular bank.
3.  ATM Deals Information Screen
ATM Machine Information Screen: This Screen provides the facility for the maintenance of the ATM Machines specific details along with the ATM Machines unique number and the nearest branch to which it is connected.
ATM Services Information Screen: This Screen provides all the services that are available at a particular ATM machine, and helps the user to identify the facilities that can be avoided.
Login Screen: This screen is the entry point towards the actual project at the user interface level.
Hardware Requirements:
Ø  Pentium IV Processor
Ø  128 MB RAM
Ø  20 MB Hard Disk Space
Ø  Ethernet Card for Network Connectivity
Software Requirements:
Ø  Windows 2000 XP
Ø  Java Virtual Machine
Ø  Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
Ø  Oracle 9i
Ø  Java Database Connectivity

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