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Friday, 2 February 2018

Automated Cool Avenues

Automated Cool Avenues

The main objective of this application is to make the recruitment process easy for any organization.
Through this application job seekers can register their details like skills and experience with the system; on the other hand it allows job providers to post their requirements with the system.
Effective way of providing communication between Job providers and job seekers Its purpose is to develop a common platform for both job providers and job seekers. So both of them can get registered here and can interact with each other to satisfy their requirements.
Existing System:
In current market lot of job portals are existed physically as outlets and in online also. They are providing different interfaces to job seekers as well as job providers to access these portals. By using these portals either job providers or job seekers can post the jobs for searching right candidates and also post resumes for searching right job respectively. But organizations (job providers) are not providing any online test to the candidates as for the first round of interview section. This disadvantage will be overcome by using a special web portal called “automated cool avenues”.
Proposed System:
“Automated Cool Avenues” is a web-based tool to reduce communication gap between Job providers and job seekers. Especially in fast growing IT market technologies are changing very fast, based on technology trend Organizations has to recruit the people. This process will make recruitment process very easy and fast.
The main objective of this solution is to make easy the recruitment process of any organization. This system is designed by keeping in mind both parties like Job providers and Job Seekers. System allows job seekers to register their details like skills and experience with the system, and then on the other hand even it allows job providers to post their requirements with the system.
Expected Results:
¨      Effective way of providing communication between Job providers and job seekers
¨      Reliable and consistent way of searching jobs
¨      Conducting secured and restricted online exam for Screened employees
¨         Sending E-mail notification to all job seekers
Project Analysis:
The application consists following modules
1.    Job Provider Module
2.    Job Seeker Module
3.    Online Test Module
4.    Reports Module
Job Provider Module:
This Module is all about a job provider who provides jobs to users. Any user who maintains a separate organization can register in this portal and they can search for the right candidates for any employment in that organization based on their requirement and they are having full rights to shortlist a candidate for the online test based on their requirement and also they can add, modify, delete and view not only jobs but also questions for online test.
Job Seeker Module:
This module is all about job seekers who are searching jobs which are available in other organizations through this portal. By using this module any user can register in this portal to search for a job, if their resume is short listed they will under go for an online test and also job seeker can view all jobs but he/she can’t modify them.
Following are the functionalities of both job seeker and job provider.
¨    Registration of Job Seekers and Job Providers:
System supports a facility of registering both parties like job providers and seekers. Both must be registered in this portal and they must use login id and password for further transactions.
¨    Advanced Search option for Job Providers and job seekers:
System will allow the Job providers to search from database for Suitable candidate for a position based on skill set and experience and also it sends intimation to suitable candidates through mail. A set of reporting system is supported to the system for the immediate specific need of the organization by different parameters. At the same time job seeker can search for a suitable job through this portal.
¨    Sending Mails automatically to all suitable jobseekers:
Once Job providers posts their required jobs in this system then PRS sends automatic mails to all registered job seekers with employment details, details of the job codes and the job providers details and the number of posing etc. as well the job provider is forwarded with the matching profile of the job seekers.
Online Test Module:
This module will provide a facility of conducting online test for selected candidates. And also it prepares reports based on the results of the online test. Test can be random basis from the aptitude or technical or HR questions; this is the option wit the job provider to decide on the matter of the test. The job provider will provide a password to the job seeker for attempting the test on line.
Reports Module:
PRS will allow job providers to generate reports based on criteria’s like based on technology, location, education qualification, project experience and any specific experience.
Software Engineering Methodology:
Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD Standards)
Software requirements:
Operating System                  : Windows
Technology                             : Java/J2EE (JDBC, Servlets, JSP)
Web Technologies                : Html, JavaScript, CSS
Web Server                            : Tomcat
Database                                : Oracle
Software’s                              : J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i                   
Hardware requirements:
Hardware                                : Pentium based systems with a minimum of p4
RAM                                        : 256MB (minimum)
Additional Tools:
HTML Designing                 : Dream weaver Tool
Development Tool kit          : My Eclipse

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