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Wednesday, 14 February 2018



The project titled “AROGYASRI – Health Card Monitoring System” is to
reduce the burden of rural people by managing the costs obtained for treatment, involved in Chronic diseases. The basic goal of Arogyasri is to provide high quality health care for the people those who belongs to below poverty line (BPL).
Arogyasri is one of the Health Insurance Scheme which monitors the cases by using Health Cards. Health Cards are issued to each citizen in particular area on the basis of Ration Cards. There are two types of Ration Cards namely Red card and Yellow card; the Red card holders belongs to below poverty line, whereas the health insurance card  is issued for both type of card holders but there is a slight difference between the benefits of each card holder.
Every year, the Government is paying the insurance money to the Insurance Company on each citizen for the claim of around Rs.2Lakhs for each individual. The Insurance Company will pay the amount to the hospitals recognized by the Govt. for the treatment given to these Health Insurance Card Holders. In Yanam, there are around 40,000 people who are expected to get benefit out of this scheme.
This software project is aimed at automation of all the details related to the Health Insurance Card like Card Preparation, Issue, Insurance Company Dealings, Issue of Non-Objection Certificate etc.
The system also provides a comprehensive mechanism for maintaining the Health Dept Activities in any area. It also helps the administrator for managing the tasks related to health dept. like Details Collection, Insurance Money Management, NOC Issue, Verification of survey data etc. The timely production of cards, bills etc will help the management to achieve their goals/activities. The administrator can reach through his needs at the close of a mouse.
Objectives of this project:
·         To issue Health Insurance Card for each and every citizen.
·         To incorporate the door to door survey details from the individuals with photos.
·         To capture the digital photos of the citizens and incorporate into the Database.
·         To match the data with ration card details to assess their socio-economical status.
·         To monitor the scrutiny, verification of the Application for the Insurance.
·         To monitor the cases which are benefited under this scheme.
·         To monitor the Non-Objection certificate issued to the patients by Govt. Hospitals.
·         To monitor the renewals and new entries of the insurance amount given to the Insurance companies by the Govt.
Proposed System:
The proposed system can overcome the drawbacks of the existing system. The proposed system HEALTH CARD MONITORING SYSTEM tries to provide a user friendly, GUI based client/server application that will automate the different activities involved in day-to-day planning of Health Dept. Programs.
Goals of proposed system:
Ø      To reduce the time, effort and errors at the time of details gathering, renewals, card issue and so on.  
Ø      To monitor the cases, new entries and verification, authorization of data in a planned and efficient manner.
Ø      Capturing of data into the Database and insurance money management in a secure manner.
Ø      Provide security from different users of the system.
Ø      To reduce paper work.
Ø      To improve management of updated information i.e databases by providing facilities to edit this information, manipulate it and finally retrieve this information as efficiently possible.
Ø  Rural area people can be benefited from this system. Poor people are able to get the latest treatment from the Corporate Hospitals with the support by the Government.
Ø  The Government could monitor the diseases occurring in each village and their causes which will be helpful to take prevention of the diseases by the effective maintenance of Database.             
Ø  Card is issued only after scrutinizing the details two to three times so there is no question of any mal-practices.
The project “Health Card Monitoring System” is mainly divided into following modules.
·         Survey Details
·         Health Department Details 
·         Insurance Details
·         Corporate Hospital Details
·         Users Details
Survey Details:
The Survey details maintains the personal and as well as official details of all the families currently staying in a particular region. The administrator can access these details only. This module provides the details like
·         Collection of individual details in each family
·         Capturing the door to door survey details along with their photos
·         Digital photo capturing and linking with Database
·         Verification / Scrutiny of the survey data
·         Authorization of survey data
Health Department Details:
This module maintains the details about Health Dept activities. The  Administrator can access these details. The activities provided by this module are
·  Match the data with Ration card details to assess their socio-economical status
·  Monitors the Non-Objection Certificate issued to the patients by Govt. hospitals to get the treatment in corporate hospitals.
·  Issues Health Insurance Card for each and very citizen iff the survey details are matched with the data in the Database.
·  Maintains the information of Health Insurance Hospitals.
·  Manages the new entries and renewals
Insurance Company Details:
This module maintains the information regarding all Insurance companies. Administrator has rights to access these details. Govt. will select the Insurance companies on the basis of their credit worthiness and quotations placed at the time of Tender notices. This module provides details like
Sum assured
This feature is the coverage on a policy which depends on the functions sum assured every year and minimum sum assured for a policy.
Policy Term   
This feature provides the duration of time on particular Health policy.
Insurance Amount
This feature manages the total amount sanctioned by the Insurance Company on a policy holder.
Corporate Hospital Details:
This module maintains the details of hospitals (CH, SSH) which are recognized by the Govt. i.e the private hospitals which also provides treatment for Health card holders. Administrator can access these details. Users can view the information but not having any rights to modify the details. Some of the details this module presents
Patient care administration      
Manages the logistical and record-keeping aspects of patient care.   
Clinical services
Provide laboratory testing and procedures, facilities (radiology, electrodiagnosis, hermatology, and so on) and patient monitoring and screening.
Patient care services
Provide patients with medical care and support services.
Financial management
Manage the financial resources and operations of the hospital.
Users Details:
This module maintains the details about the users, involves queries. The users retrieve information from these queries. A Query on different modules provides up to date information regarding Health Dept. activities.
Operating Systems     :      Windows NT / server 2000
Database                     :       MS SQL Server 2000 for database on Server.ADO.NET   
GUI Tools                  :          ASP.NET for Code, components and forms.
Processor                :       Intel Pentium or more
Ram                        :      256 or more
Cache                     :       512 KB
Hard Disk               :       16 GB hard disk recommended 

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