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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Apna life insurance system

Apna life insurance system

Life Asset Management System automates the management of Insurance activities of United India Insurance Limited, which involves Defining policies, Schemes, Policy specifications, Policy terms and conditions, policies registrations by the customers, Facilitates the Premium Flexi-Pay Modes, Payment of policy Bonus in flexible periods. The Agents are involved in the process of the Customer Policy registrations and the Commissions payable to respective Agents are based on the targets achieved by the Agents.
Existing system
Before developing this application all activities done manually, then all the activities take more time and also take more manpower. Commission, interests, dues calculate manually, based on this manual problem some times calculate the wrong
All related information passed one branch to another branch through courier. Some times missed the important documents. So these problems overcome when we will develop the system. This system is very helpful to automation of entire Apna life insurance system and also reduces the time and manpower.
Users of the system:
The users of the system are company chairman, Branch Managers, Customer, Agents. This system is designed such a way that the users can easily interact with the system with minimum knowledge.
Definition of the problem
To create or develop a new system first we have to study the prior system, Analysis difficult problems faced by the operator of that system. System Analysis therefore understands such problems and proposes a new system in which the above problems are rectified.
About the project
The main theme of this project is automation of the Apna life insurance System and processes the all activities through on line. Here the main advantage of this system is to access this database globally for authorized users.
The customers pay their payment at any branch and also know their details at any branch. Here dynamically generated the reports like premium payments details, bonus details, due details.
The main advantages of this system are to reduce the time and also manpower. These two factors are very important to improve any organization. This system mainly concentration on these factors.
The entire system is divided into 4 modules
The Chairman is the Super user of the System. The Chairman is responsible for the defining the Policies, Policies Terms and conditions, Policies Amounts, Face Amounts, Establishing the different branches, Registration of the Branch Managers
The Managers of the different branch recruit the Agents and also handles registration of customers. He is also responsible for registration of policies; calculate the premium amounts, interests, dues, bonus and also agent Commission. Bonus is calculated based on the payment of premiums. The Manager is also responsible for calculating the Agent’s Commission based on Agent target & performance.
The main role of Agents is to registration of the Customers. Agents just like a mediator between Insurance system and Customers. Based on their performance they will get commission. This system provides a facility to Agents like to visible their Commission and also their customer details.
The Customers are a main source of this system. Based on his interests and benefit, he takes a policy. A Customer can also take more than one policy based on his requirement. There are many facilities provided to the Customers, like their information available online, like premium dates, bonus dates, personal details, policy details.
Technical Specifications
Hardware Required
Pentium based processor with atleast 800 MHz. speed
256 MB RAM
Preferably a 40 GB Hard Disk to maintain data backup also.
CD/DVD Drive
NIC / Ethernet card with Network accessibility
Software Required
Platform                                  :  Windows 2000/XP
Server                                      :  Apache Tomcat 5.5
Database                                 :  Oracle 10g
Database Connectivity            :  JDBC
Front end                                :  JAVA Technologies (JDK 1.4) [i.e., Servlets/JSP, JavaBeans], HTML
Scripting Technology              :  Java Script
Editor                                      :  MyEclipse 5.0 IDE

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