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Monday, 5 February 2018

Android Offloading Computation Over Cloud

Android Offloading Computation Over Cloud

In this project, we present a framework for automated offloading of the computation intensive applications of their smartphones over to the virtual processing over cloud through its smartphone image online. An offloading framework is proposed, which if used by the developers of the application, will empower the application to offload its compute intensive, non-interactive parts based on static analysis to the Smartphone image on the cloud. A TimeStamp is calculated for every process selected by the user to process a query. User may select from a text or a file for processing and also need to select a type of processing as local/cloud/hub and proceed with the encryption. The TimeStamp is calculated for each process and shown to the user in the form of statistics. The static analysis is done to make the decision making more fast and light than the previous techniques. This framework will empower the application to offload its compute intensive part to the cloud via internet after analyzing the cost of offloading over the cost of running the application on the phone itself. The analysis will be done using parameters like input size and internet connectivity. By using this framework, the developers will empower the applications to offload themselves without the need of some other application to analyze and offload parts of the application.

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