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Monday, 5 February 2018

Android Graphical Information System

Android Graphical Information System

The purpose of developing this android application is to search the places by inputting a keyword which smartly searches for the desired location and place. This application also enables users to add the missing places on the map by just providing the details. GIS for Tourist is an Android application which enables user to manually input data of new places with their attributes such as name of the place, area, location, phone no. (If Applicable) & image of that place. If some of the user is at such a location or place which doesn’t exist on a map then user can simply add the missing place on a map and also can capture and input image file while filling up the details. After filling up all the details, the application smartly searches for the place based on details entered by user. The application is capable enough to search the place automatically. If application doesn’t retrieves any place, then application allows user to input a pin on the map. After filling up all the details user can now submit a request to the application to add the desired place on the map. This application also helps you to find the places nearby you or around the world. After searching a place, the map will show the details such as name, area, location, phone no. & kilometers from the current location of the user.

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