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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Android Based Encrypted SMS System

Android Based Encrypted SMS System

This is an advanced Encryption and decryption System targeting the SMS for Android Users both go and fro. The User can send an Encrypted message while he can decrypt an encrypted message. The System makes use of the SMS that you see in the inbox, but this system filters out the one which are encrypted and shows it in their Personal Inbox in the Application. The Shared private Key is already defined in the application and one has not to insert anything but the user id which is by default encrypted in the message. So whenever the user is sending a message he should know the receiver’s id as the id is also appended to the message so that while the receiver logins to the system the message is already decrypted if he is the desired recipient. The Id is Auto generated and cannot be changed but for the users ease the system allows the user to save the recipient’s id in a separate column as Favorites saving the his Id, Name and Mobile No. The Login is necessary here as a single user can have multiple accounts with different ids so that he can maintain each account for different purposes and not clubbing them. This System makes use of AES Encryption Algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the messages. This App uses Android Studio as its front end and SQLite as back end.

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