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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

UniverSity Technologies

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UniverSity Technologies

Ø  This application is a user-friendly tool that encompasses all functions required to create /maintain online course and student information.
Ø  It mainly deals with uploading and downloading assignment files and project files into a portal and from the portal respectively.
It’s related to a university which is offering distance education. Its purpose is to develop a Common platform to establish communication between students and university professors.
Existing System:
Presently in lots of repudiated universities like IIT’s and NIT’s professors are assigning some assignments to their students for research purpose, later those assignments will be corrected by professors and marks will be allotted to them but that is happening manually only. So every time students and professors must be interact manually, to avoid this problem and to save the time of both professor and student we are going to introduce a new online application called “University Technology Services”.
Proposed System:
This application is a user-friendly tool that encompasses all functions required to create /maintain online course and student information. An instructor can use this tool to manage all courses offered by semester, to create / update / view student information currently enrolled, to calculate grades and to post notes, assignments all in one tool. Students will use this tool to upload/download/view assignments and to view current & estimated grades for the enrolled courses by semesters.
Project Analysis:
This application consist three modules.
1. Admin Module:
The Instructor acts an administrator, after logging into his account administrator can do three functionalities they are
Create Professor:
 The following information are required to create a professor like First, last name, username. The default password is ‘welcome’. The administrator can also reset a professor password upon request on the same page.
Assign course to Professor:
The professor should be assigned to a course and a semester. The lists of professors are shown in the ‘Select Professor ID’ field, chose the professor. Enter a Course ID, Course Name and Semester.  The professor will be assigned to the course id, course name for that semester.  Once the professor is assigned to a course, he/she can login to upload student/course information, upload grades and assignments. This will also give the instructor access to the application.
Change password:
By using this functionality administrator can change his/her account password.
Professor Module:
Once the professor logs in, he/she will see a welcome note along with professor name. The page displays information related to the current semester. The professor/instructor can also view previous semester information. When the professor logs in for the first time, the course Id and the course name are populated based on the course assignment to the professor done by admin login. The professor has the do the following for each course in the following order
  • Upload student/course information
  • Upload course assignment content
  • Upload student assignment grades
  • Download student assignments
Student Module:
The student/course information is uploaded using the excel template. This template has two parts.
  • Semester / Course / Assignment information
  • Student information  
And these functionalities consist Semester, CourseID, Course Name, Assignment Name, Assignment percentage contribution to the final grade as major fields.
Software Engineering Methodology:
Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD Standards)
Software requirements:
Operating System                  : Windows
Technology                             : Core java, Adv Java (JDBC, Servlets, JSP)
Web Technologies                : Html, JavaScript, CSS
Web Server                            : Tomcat
Database                                : Oracle
Software’s                              : J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i          
Hardware requirements:
Hardware                                : Pentium based systems with a minimum of P5
RAM                                        : 256MB (minimum)
Additional Tools:
HTML Designing                 : Dream weaver Tool
Development Tool kit          : My Eclipse

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