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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Indoor Navigation Using Accelerometer and Magnetometer (Electronics Project)

Indoor Navigation Using Accelerometer and Magnetometer (Electronics Project)

This project will create a navigation system based on dead reckoning using an accelerometer and a magnetometer. There have previously been several studies made on navigation with accelerometers, magnetometers (electronic compass) and gyros. With these three components it is possible to do positioning and different kinds of movement analyses.
There are several methods for detection of movement and calculation of position. To achieve greater accuracy in these applications,gyros are often used. Compared to magnetometers and accelerometer gyros consumes a lot of power. In an embedded system with limited power supplies from a battery this may be unacceptable.
In this project a positioning system without a gyro have been developed and evaluated. Is this possible to do, and what accuracy is possible to achieve are questions asked.Algorithms have been developed and tested in MATLAB. The project is based on a device called a BeeBadge, part of the project will be to transfer the developed algorithms from MATLAB to C-code. Optimizations of the code will be performed due to the constraints in the memory and speed of the microcontroller on the BeeBadge.

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