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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Data Visualization Software Project

Data Visualization Software Project Abstract:

Data Visualization Software Project in Java
From a computer science or computer engineering perspective, data visualization can be categorized into a various sub-categories, namely — information visualization, techniques of modeling, techniques and architectures of interaction, techniques and algorithm for visualization, multi-resolution methods and lastly volume visualization.
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In this data visualization software, node connectivity in networking is displayed in data visualization form, and can be located at different locations via. mouse or track-pad. Communication using raw data is made efficient, and based on the requirement, users can design various kinds of data visualization patterns.
Goals and Objectives:
The data visualization software in Java is developed with the following goals and objectives:
  • Clear and effective communication of information through graphical or pictorial means.
  • It shouldn’t look boring to be functional or be very sophisticated; both functionality and aesthetic form should go hand-in-hand.
  • Provide necessary insights into complex set of data and information, and convey ideas effectively.
  • Achieve a balance between software’s function and form.
  • Tend to stimulate viewer’s attention and engagement alongside communicating information effectively.
Data visualization is used in different areas and has a wide scope in software bio-tech, education, research, and many more, for conveying and understanding information easily. Considering the way human mind tends to grasp information, data visualization software makes it easier for people to understand information when they are displayed in charts or graphs rather than in report pages.

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