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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Course Management System Project

Course Management System Project Abstract:

In order to form a clear sketch of this project, here’s a brief introduction of the features and scope of Online Course Management System. This project consists of three modules which are inter-linked to each other. These modules are:
  • Administrator Module
  • Students Module
  • Instructor Module
Each of the above modules has certain specific task to perform. Administrator module is for controlling administrative works such as creating account for students and instructors, formation of curriculum and coding the subjects etc. So, Administrator Module can be considered as skeleton module on which other modules rely on.
Student Module and Instructor Module have been designed for students and instructors to log in to the account created by administrator and share information. Students can register with application and submit their home work. Whereas, Instructors can check students’ home works and assign grades for their work.
The conventional method of submitting projects, assignments, thesis etc. is not so effective in the 21st century. In the existing system, student must visit college and fix the appointment with instructor. Only after getting the date and time, student is capable of meeting instructor within the limited time which may not sufficient to solve all the problems.
So, use of computer based system is obviously more effective and beneficial to both students and instructors. This Online Course Management System is developed with the aim of linking students and instructors regarding their course activities electronically via internet service.
The following features of this project have made it more user friendly, efficient and secured.
  1. It enables the college or university to provide individual user account to each student.
  2. All the user accounts (instructors and students) are password protected. So, the database can be termed as secured.
  3. In Online Course Management System, only administrative section is allowed to create the account, but students and instructor can register with application.
  4. After creating the account, the user can view his/her detail by using SQL query.


Course Management System Software in Java
Admin log in
Course Management System Software in Java
Course Creation
Course Management System Software in Java
Student Account Creation
Course Management System Software in Java
Instructor Account Creation
Course Management System Software in Java
Instructor Account Database
Course Management System Software in Java
Create Course
Other output screens are available in the download link.
You can use this Course Management System Software as your semester project in Java as well as is it can be used to learn software development using Java, or better as a reference to your final year project. This project is flexible enough to meet user requirements, so you can easily add new modules and features.

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